Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 1, Summer 2020, Pages 1-93 

Review Articles

1. Cervical Intervertebral Cages: Past, Present, Innovations, and Future Trends with Review of the Literature.

Pages 2-29

Mohamed Khaled Elkazaz; Marwan W Koptan; Hassan A Alshatoury; Hazem M Alkosha; Ali Abou-Madawi

Clinical Articles

2. Recurrence of backache following discectomy: An analysis of management.

Pages 30-40

Shyamasunder Bhat; Sourab Shetty; Nishanth Ampar

4. Profile of Traumatic Cervical Spine Injuries in Assiut University Hospital

Pages 53-60

Mohammed Mosa El-Beshbeshy; Mohamed Gamal Hassan; Al Moataz El-Sabrout; Mohammad El-Sharkawi

6. The Safe Entry Zones through the Transpsoas Approach to Lumbar Discs: A Cadaver Study

Pages 75-84

Ahmed Elrahmany; Ihab helmy Zidan; Melad N kelada; mohamed mostafa agamy

7. MRI evaluation of degenerative lumbar spine disease in young adults : a quantitative evaluation of risk factors.

Pages 85-93

Gunjan Jindal; Abhishek Aggarwal; Rupinder Singh; Pratik Mittal; Manu Solanki; Shilpi Gupta