Peer Review Process

Full length articles, Technical Reports, Review Articles and Case Studies are peer-reviewed. The managing editor is the first-look editor for all manuscripts, evaluating text and general submission format. The managing editor makes sure all manuscripts meet ESJ’s guidelines as prescribed in these author instructions. Once a manuscript has been initially evaluated, the managing editor will assign a set of appropriately chosen peer reviewers to evaluate and make comments on the manuscript. The invited reviewers are knowledgeable about the field of study being discussed, and as such are able to comment on the research and any subsequent conclusions made. The editorial board of the ESJ guarantees that there will be an initial response for the authors within ten weeks from the date of manuscript submission. For most manuscripts the ESJ is a double-blind journal. Great care is taken not to reveal the identity of the reviewers or the author(s). The editor in chief has final say about the fate of all manuscripts. If the editors feel the manuscript could be eligible for publication following author revision the submission will be sent back to the corresponding author. The corresponding author should consider making any changes suggested by the reviewers and editors and return the research back to the editorial office. The managing editor will again send the manuscript out for a second round of reviews.